Experienced - Dedicated - Firm But Fair

For over 18 years I've served as an attorney in our area. I've worked to uphold the constitution, be fair, and ensure everyone is given a just trial before our courts.



I'm Blake Hankey and I would appreciate your vote for District Court Judge

As a lawyer for more than 18 years, I have practiced in general civil law, family law, constitutional law, and criminal law.

I have been a public servant since 2017 working as a Councilman on the Harwood City Commission. I currently serve as the Mayor of Harwood, ND.

In my current role as Mayor, much like a Judge, I am responsible for the neutral review of claims.

It is necessary for Judges to be experienced in the law, dedicated to the service of their community, and fair to the people who come before them. That is my proven record and I would appreciate your vote.


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